The Fifth Doctor

Hello, I'm the Doctor. I love playing cricket and traveling through time and space in my TARDIS with my companions Tegan, Nyssa and Adric. I wear celery, does it offend you? I'm allergic to certain gasses in the Praxis range of the spectrum and if the gas is present the celery turns purple.

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perpugilliambrown sent: [pokes you]

The Doctor raised an eyebrow at his companion, who just decided to poke him.  ”Peri?  What are you doing that for?” 

jadelewisthebarista sent: "New Jersey." She told him with a kind smile.

"Oh, right," the Doctor nodded, assuming that they were probably in New Jersey now.

cricketandcelery sent: "What are you doing?"



"Oh, hello, Doctor. I was just having a look at the navigational system— I still feel it could be much improved with just a bit of effort.” She looked at him, mildly concerned at the reaction he might have at her tinkering with his ship. “Would you prefer I didn’t? I thought it would help to have a bit more accuracy..”

"Yes, quite a bit to be done," she said with a bit more excitement now that he was agreeable about her helping out. "The temporal grace issue, navigational system, the chameleon circuit—" She cut herself off and smiled pleasantly, picking the spanner back up and handing it over to him. "Well, we’ll start small. Navigational system should do, don’t you think?"

The Doctor carefully took the wrench from her.  ”Ahh, yes.  The navigational system has been a little, well, off, lately,” the Doctor said looking over the console.

jadelewisthebarista sent: Jade chuckled softly and smiled at him. "Well you're very kind."

He returned the smile.  ”Where did you say you were from, Jade?”

jadelewisthebarista sent: "Well it's a lovely nickname." She said euthanized a smile.

"Thank you, I rather like it as well," he said with a small smile.

The Doctor Is Back / Open Starter



Elisa gave a him a grin, though it was false. “An alien brainwashed Sherlock, I unbrainwashed, then the alien who brainwashed him hit me with poison from her tongue… The alien’s poison was easily cured though with celery, or celery like plants. I…

"Oh really?  I’m sorry, did you say regenerate?  You’re a Time Lady?" he questioned, placing the tea cup down gently on the console.  "And no, just traveling really, I’m assuming that doesn’t chance much in the future?"

jadelewisthebarista sent: "So.. Is Doctor a nickname or...?"

"Yes, in a manner of speaking I guess you could say it is."

jadelewisthebarista sent: "Me as well." She said with a smile. "Thank you for helping."

The Doctor returned the smile, “It was no problem.”